Address:Changzhi Road 233,
National High-tech Industrial
Development Zone,Taiyuan,Shanxi
Tel: 03517029968(Switchboard)
8005 Coating Additive Dept.
8006 Surface Treatment Dept.
8007 Electroplating Chemicals Dept.
8008 Afters-sale Service Dept.
8003 Administrative Dept.
 Taiyuan Meitexiang Technology Co., Ltd, is a leading supplier of electroplating additive, 
paint&ink additives, chemical materials and etc. It owns R&D center, plating division, and
coating additives division.Meitexiang Technology, a high technical enterprise of fine
chemicals, converges on R&D, production and sales.Our headquarters locates in Taiyuan
National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Shanxi Province, China. 
    Our R&D team is supported by top university and scientific institution. We strictly implements ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification system.From raw material purchasing, production to quality inspection, we try our best to minimize the cost from the source. We will serve our customers with high quality and more favorable price. 
Copyright : Taiyuan Meitexiang Technology Co., Ltd    Address:Room 1209 ,Times Square Plaza,Venture Sreett No.27, National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Taiyuan, Shanxi Tel: +86-0351-7029968 Fax:(0351)7020207 Manager Chen:(0)13934545151 Manager Ji(0)13466829184 E-mail: 晉ICP備09010004號
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